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[evomech] Re: Origin of Instincts

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> I have searched the internet, talkorigins, Baldwinian explanations,
> and the post archive here and been unable to find a good explanation
> of how instincts (not reflexes) originate.
> My dad is reading the book "Improbable" by Adam Fawer, and apparently
> it makes a case for a "shared consciousness" to explain instincts that
> are not coded for in DNA. I have tried to explain the Baldwinian
> effect to him but I cannot explain how exactly the DNA itself passes
> instincts.
> According to the book, Biologists have been unable to explain how
> babies have the instinct (or skills) to walk, without ever seeing
> walking in action.
> I plan on reading "Improbable" to find out exactly what it says, but
> can anyone explain how instincts are formed?
> And can anyone explain why the concept of "shared consciousness" is
> used in this regard? I havn't read the book yet, but apparently the
> point is that some things that don't pass by DNA are instead contained
> in everyone, in some meta-physical sense. I don't buy it, but maybe
> someone with more education in meta-physics can explain it better.

Hi Alex,

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than I could give you anexplanation in terms of conventional theory but I doubt one exists.

Personally, I'm interested in the possibility of an homeostaicinternal evolutionary mechanism. The phenomena of instinct issupportive of this proposal but a coherent explanation from thisperspective is a bit further down the line at the moment.

I'm slightly intrigued by what 'shared conciousness' may mean althoughI'm not particularly interested in anything that can't be tested.

John Latter / Jorolat

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