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Re: [evomech] Re: Darwin on trial (online book)

On 19/03/2006 johnhewitt22 wrote:
> Dear All,
> I have never seen this book, by Phillip E. Johnson, but I have to say
> that, at a cursory reading, it seems rather good.
> Perhaps we could have an update on the author. Who is he? What is the
> backgound of the e-book?
> Sincerely
> John Hewitt

Hi John,

The last I heard of Johnson he was an IDist law professor at Berkeley. Here are a couple of links:

"Welcome. This page presents Professor Johnson's works, primarily
in the area of origins. On this page, you will also find his
speaking schedule."

"Articles by Phillip Johnson"

I first came across Johnson in my search for more information about Grasse:

MY STARTING POINT is a book review that Theodosius Dobzhansky published in 1975, critiquing Pierre Grasse's The Evolution of Life.{1} Grasse, an eminent French zoologist, believed in something that he called "evolution." So did Dobzhansky, but when Dobzhansky used that term he meant neo-Darwinism, evolution propelled by random mutation and guided by natural selection. Grasse used the same term to refer to something very different, a poorly understood process of transformation in which one general category (like reptiles) gave rise to another (like mammals), guided by mysterious "internal factors" that seemed to compel many individual lines of descent to converge at a new form of life."

From "Darwin's Rules of Reasoning" at:

Hope this helps!

John Latter
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