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[evomech] Darwin on trial (online book)

LIBRARY OF THE FUTURE (R) Series Third Edition Ver. 4.3

1991 DARWIN ON TRIAL by Phillip E. Johnson
(C) Copyright 1991, Phillip E. Johnson
Used with permission of Phillip E. Johnson and Regnery Gateway Publishing Co.
Electronically Enhanced Text
(c) Copyright 1993 World Library, Inc.


Chapter One: The Legal Setting

Chapter Two: Natural Selection As a Tautology As a Scientific Hypothesis As a Deductive Argument As a Philosophical Necessity

Chapter Three: Mutations Great and Small

Chapter Four: The Fossil Problem

Chapter Five: The Fact of Evolution

Chapter Six: The Vertebrate Sequence Fish to Amphibians Amphibians to Reptiles Reptiles to Mammals Reptile to Bird From Apes to Humans

Chapter Seven: The Molecular Evidence

Chapter Eight: Prebiological Evolution

Chapter Nine: The Rules of Science

Chapter Ten: Darwinist Religion

Chapter Eleven: Darwinist Education

Chapter Twelve: Science and Pseudoscience Research Notes

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