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Re: [evomech] Researchers evolve a complex genetic trait in the laboratory

That one arrived OK Palash and it'll make it easier for other members - thank you!


Palash Bhattacharya wrote:

Sorry about that John. I am sending the relevant one again just in case..


From: John Latter
Subject: Re: [evomech] Researchers evolve a complex genetic trait in the laboratory (News + Article)
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 19:43:14 +0000

Thank you for your kindness Palash :)

Unfortunately, however, the paper you attached is "Evolution of the Gene Network Underlying Wing Polyphenism in Ants" from Science 2002. On the other hand I have heard from Yuichiro Suzuki (who is one of the authors of "Evolution of a Polyphenism by Genetic Accommodation") and anyone who would like a reprint can contact him at the email address given here:

(email if you have any problems)

I guess you must have clicked on the wrong file Palash (and I'm going to read it later anyway!) but I would like to emphasize I do appreciate your help!


Palash Bhattacharya wrote:

>Here is a copy of the paper.


Model of an Internal Evolutionary Mechanism (based on an extension to homeostasis) linking Adaptive Mutations to the Baldwin Effect:

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