Thursday, February 02, 2006


[evomech] Re: Peer Review and Genetic Determinism

Do you accept the published assertion that the concensus among
geneticists is that genetic determinism is false?

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> From: "warrenbergerson" <warrenbergerson@...>
> > For anyone interested in understanding the inherent unsoundness
> > of
> > peer reviewers, the peer review process, and the peer review
> > literature, it is interesting to go back and look at the really
> > awful logic and techniques used by peer reviewers and Internet
> > experts support the genetic determinism assumption and to
> > suppress
> > arguments and evidence contradicting the assumption.
> I'd rather spend the time learning about where or how genetic
> determinism is wrong. Is it just a matter of how far one goes with
> it in explaining evolution?
> We don't hear much about peer reviews. There must be
> very few interesting insights expressed in this medium.
> Cliff

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