Thursday, February 16, 2006


[evomech] 'Turned On': A revolution in the field of evolution? (Book Review)

[Orr, The New Yorker, Oct '05]

"If you read much popular science, you'd be forgiven for thinking that biology has become something of a banana republic. A seemingly endless series of books and newspaper articles reports that biology is being roiled by any number of revolutions. Take your pick: genomics, proteomics, medical genetics, and, now, something called evo devo. Some of the revolutionary rhetoric is surely hype, but these are, undeniably, exciting times in biology. Entire genomes are being decoded at an astounding rate (nearly three hundred species have been done, and more than seven hundred others are in the works), and new high-tech approaches to old problems seem to appear by the week. The result of all this has been some genuinely surprising scientific findings. And some of the biggest have come from the new science of evo devo."

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Model of an Internal Evolutionary Mechanism

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