Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Re: [evomech] The main thrust of the group

On 15/02/2006 johnhewitt22 wrote:
> Dear John Latter and other regular contributors to this group,
> I have been a member of the group for just a couple of weeks now and I
> have looked at the web site from which it draws inspiration.

> I understand that what is being advanced is the idea of some kind of
> internal mechanism for evolution but I am not too clear about how this
> translates into a general programme or what exact mechanism is being
> advanced.

> Could I ask that a simple, slimmed down version of the group's basic
> ideas and objectives be given? Something so bare as to be suitable for
> a bear with very little brain.
> Sincerely
> John Hewitt


The group homepage contains a description of the group's 'aims/interests' at:

My website reflects only my area of interest: Cliff, for example, has a homepage at:

And Warren has posted his views on a number of occasions - these can be found using the search facility on the group homepage.

Currently I'm engaged in researching material for a rewrite of a proposed testable homeostatic internal mechanism - I'm pretty sure group members are busy in other areas!

Hope this makes things a little clearer,

Model of an Internal Evolutionary Mechanism:
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