Tuesday, February 07, 2006


[evomech] A New Definiition of Biological Evolution

As should be obvious, once you reject genetic determinism, you are
also forced to rethink your definition of biological evolution. If
genetic determinism is false, then any definition of evolutionary
change based on genetic change must also be inadequate and
inappropriate. The purpose of this thread is to discuss and
speculate on alternative definitions of biological evolution.

Biological evolution is a change process. At least IMO, a definition
of evolution would need to address the following six types of

1. What changes?
2. When does it change?
3. What are the processes and mechanism responsible for change?
4. How are changes and change processes observed and measured?
5. Who is involved in developing and evaluating definitions?
6. How are testable predictive theories of the change and
change processes formulated?

It should be obvious, that without genetic determinism, RM&NS
Darwinism has no answer for either what changes or what are the
mechanisms of change. What are the possible alternatives?


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