Monday, February 06, 2006


Re: [evomech] The control of body size in insects (Dev Biol)

From: "John Latter"
Subject: Re: [evomech] The control of body size in insects (Dev
> On 05/02/2006 Cliff Lundberg wrote:
>> No doubt a lot of details are being learned about ontogeny
>> and its regulation, but something's lacking in the general
>> concept,
>> namely, what it is that is being regulated.
> I feel some consideration should also be given to exactly
> 'what' is doing the regulating! For example, in the press
> release from:
> Researchers evolve a complex genetic trait in the laboratory

Regulation is the important thing, it's what creates
diverse organisms from a common ancient skeletal pattern,
which is simple in form and is only known by extrapolation
from the pattern of reduction and distortion among parts.
Regulation of the ontogeny of this original form is what
sculpts organisms.

What is doing the regulating? An unlimited variety of
opportunistic mechanisms, I would think. I just speak
for the necessity of recognizing that there is a something
whose ontogeny is regulated, a something distinct from
regulation itself.


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