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[evomech] Re: Antisymmetry (Chapter 16 of 'Variation')

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> [A. Richard Palmer. "Antisymmetry." In Variation, Editors B Hallgrimmson and BK Hall. Elsevier (2005): 359-397]
> Introduction:
> The notion of antisymmetry likely strikes most people as bizarre. How can any
> variation exist that is "anti-" something else? To dismiss antisymmetry as mere
> intellectual catnip of academic snoots would seem easy. To dismiss it too hastily
> would be a big mistake.
> Antisymmetry is a peculiar kind of variation whose evolutionary significance is
> surprisingly unappreciated, no doubt in part because the term seems odd and foreboding. However, the phenomenon, with its particularly apt moniker, is actually
> widespread and offers the promise of valuable insights into a century-old debate
> about the interplay between development and evolution.

Now available at:'05%20CH16-Antisym-proofs-ed-4.pdf

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Model of an Internal Evolutionary Mechanism

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